From your medical card A permanent fistula for example caecostomy colostomy laryngostomy or ileostomy requiring continuous surgical dressing or requiring an appliance. Epilepsy for which I need continuous anti-convulsive therapy. This is my application for a prescription charge exemption certificate. I declare that the in ormation I have given in Parts 1 2 of this form is true and complete and I understand that if it is not appropdate action may be taken. Signature Diabetes mellitus and my...
June 17, 2015
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Hello welcome to this submit planned video tutorial today's tutorial is aimed at showing you how to open print and download your application form we'll start by showing you how to open your application form and to do this you'll need to be logged in to submit a plan account and be under the my applications tab if you need assistance in how to log into your account and find your application here are some links for a previous video that we have for finding your application you can either follow this link but I understand it's hard to do that from a video so the other way you can find the video is just to search in Google find in your applications submitted plan YouTube and this should bring up in your Google search results the video on our submit a plan YouTube channel otherwise you can go straight to YouTube and in the little search bar if you just search finding your application submitted plan and this should bring up our video in our submitted planned channel on YouTube so to continue with our tutorial we first need to select our application in our applications tab so to select it just click it once and then we need to open it so you can either double click on it or click on it once to highlight it and press the View button on the toolbar and that will open your application once you've opened your application you'll need to go to the application documents tab now you can see on the top here is your application so if we select it once and to open it you can either click on the View button or here you can click on it once and then right click and select view document if it doesn't know the first time just do it again but here you can see it's opened my application form here so you can scroll down and see all the information that was entered when you made your application please note that currently you can only view the application form but not any other accompanying documents that were uploaded when the application was made so to print your application form if you move your cursor around on your application form you'll notice that this little whoring toolbar emerges now you'll see the little printer icon so if you press print your printer window will open prompting you to print now always check that you have all pages selected before you press print and then you can just press print so now I'm going to show you how to download your application form movie cursor again around on your application form to your little toolbar comes up and you can see the little Save icons if we click Save the system will open your computer folders so that you can choose the location to save your application to once you've chosen your place that you'd like to save your application form just click Save the window will close and that is your application form saved to your computer if you want to open it from your computer just simply go to the application form double-click on it and it will reopen for you there is an alternative way to download your document if I just...